Reusable Magic Calligraphy

Reusable Magic Calligraphy

Reusable Magic Calligraphy

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Reusable magic copybook!!!

Will give away a magic refill. But one is not enough!!! 

Tip: Copybooks must be used with magic pen to be reused


  • High quality paper
  • The paper is thick and not easy to smudge
  • Ideal for calligraphic letter writing
  • Ideal for students and those who are working
  • If you want to learn calligraphy, a copybook is a must-have for all ages to write beautiful words.
Italic script, also known as chancery cursive, is a semi-cursive, slightly sloped style of handwriting and calligraphy that was developed during the Renaissance in Italy. It is one of the most popular styles used in contemporary Western calligraphy, and is often one of the first scripts learned by beginning calligraphers.

This is an English handwriting pen copybook. It emphasizes the skill training of writing, enabling readers to grasp English handwriting skills through training and to write beautiful English words.

Copybooks can help children or adults practice different font of handwriting and build their own style.

If people want to learn calligraphy, a copybook is a must-have. All ages, Copybook for Writing Beautiful English.

Handwriting automatically disappear after dry, great for repeatedly practice. If you want to learn calligraphy, a copybook is a must-have. Handwriting Copybook only, other accessories demo in the picture is not included.

  • Practice these characters well, it could satisfy the requirements of daily life, work and study.
  • It's the normative standard for us to use the new type printing style and font.
  • Its also the new complementary standard to obsolete variant English character and use simplified English character.


  • 4 books and 1 set pen


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