Ultimate Portable Home Odor Eliminating Air Purifier And Ozone Generator

Ultimate Portable Home Odor Eliminating Air Purifier And Ozone Generator

Ultimate Portable Home Odor Eliminating Air Purifier And Ozone Generator

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Does your kid's bedroom smell a little funky? Put this little guy in there and run it while they're away at school or spending the night with a friend!

Do you travel often and worry about possible odors in your hotel room? Take this unit with you and freshen up the room while you go grab a bite to eat!

Mini Ozone Generator is the perfect solution for smells and to refresh the ambient environment. Our mini ozone generator adopts the technology of the purest ozone ceramic design without any oxide production and does not require maintenance.

It is perfect for domestic use in small confined spaces, such as dressing rooms, baths, kitchens, dining rooms, cars, homes with pets, etc. Designed for domestic use, place this ozone generator wherever odors permeate like dressing rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and rooms with pets. Best used within enclosed spaces.

RANGE: from 10–50mg/hr. fitting for different environments and equipped with a performance indicator light. This air purifier emits little to no noise while operating.MODERN DESIGN: Plug in to use, easy to carry. Just turn the wheel to start and regulate the production of ozone. Easy to use and transport. QUALITY PERFORMANCE: Perfect for disinfecting and eliminating any odors or harmful irritants. It can effectively eliminate odors. It can save on energy costs compared with larger purifier units, as it is able to operate on less than seven watts. Put it in the room, open and adjust the flow. Leave and close the room, wait several minutes or hours(depending on the size of the room). Turn off the ozone generator and wait for the ozone to decompose(About 15-28 minutes)


  • Easy to use and carry
  • Good quality
  • Perfect for disinfecting and eliminating odors
  • ODOR ELIMINATOR: Smoke odor eliminator and odor neutralizer. Ozone based ionizer air purifier
  • AIR SCRUBBER: Get rid of musty smells. Great air purifier for smokers.
  • Whisper-quiet fan will do the job.
  • SMALL AND POWERFUL: Portable generator for home use, car and pets can be used anywhere.
  • SAFETY: Run it when the room is empty. Coverage up to 500 Sq. ft. Ozone has a distinct smell

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