Oil Extractor Pump

Oil Extractor Pump

Oil Extractor Pump

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Extracting oil doesn't have to be difficult, messy and time-consuming. 

Introducing this Oil Extractor Pump – a handy pump that removes oil from the oil dipstick bore! This tool will fix all of these frustrating problems with oil changes.


  • Quickly Gets The Job Done: Be done with your oil change within a few minutes.
  • No Mess: We designed the Oil Extractor Pump to make oil change messes a thing of the past.
  • Easy to Install:  Just place the inlet and outlet hoses at the appropriate positions, connect the power clamps to the car battery and press the button. This process is very simple and takes a few seconds.
  • Portable: You can take it anywhere discreetly without having to worry about clearing up space in your car. Whether you are going on a trip or just need it for an emergency oil change, the Oil Extractor Pump is there with you!
  • Safe To Use: The Oil Extractor Pump is mechanic-approved for safety.
  • Durable: You won't have to worry about purchasing another Oil Extractor Pump. Our product is built with A-grade materials and designed to last forever.
  • Multi-Purpose: This device can be used for cars, boats, diesel vehicles, motorbikes, agriculture & irrigation purposes, garden cleaning, industrial work and more!
  • Powerful 12V Battery: This oil pump is powered with a 12V battery for a quick & efficient oil change.



  1. Turn off your engine and remove the oil cap.
  2. Place the inlet hose into the engine's oil reservoir.
  3. Place the outlet hose into an empty bucket.
  4. Connect the positive and negative power clamps to the car battery.
  5. Press the power button to turn on the oil pump.

This process is very simple and you can often do it by yourself to ensure your engine runs smoothly.


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