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Baby Heartbeat Monitor Device Portable

This Fetal Doppler is the best portable baby heartbeat monitor device. The fetal heartbeat is one of the many wonders of pregnancy. It is that little beat that makes your heart melt. For mothers, the baby’s heartbeat is music to their ears. So why not listen to it every day? This Fetal Doppler makes you do just that. It is a small but powerful device that detects and monitors the fetal heartbeat. It displays the numbers through a digital LCD screen. Moreover, this Fetal Doppler has a crystal clear sound and it is highly sensitive. Easily listen to your baby’s heart and monitor your baby’s wellness with this baby's heartbeat monitor.

Important Tool for Pregnant Women

Unlike other heartbeat monitors, this Fetal Doppler is portable and easy to use. You can use earphones on this device so you can listen to your baby even when you are on the road. Aside from connecting with your baby, it is also important to constantly monitor your baby’s health. In the third trimester, women are advised to count the baby’s kicks. As the baby moves to position themselves for childbirth, babies are at risk of choking on their own cord. Moreover, this product can detect heartbeat for as early as 10-weeks in the pregnancy.


This Fetal Doppler is battery-powered. This Fetal Doppler has an LCD screen display and a hole for the earphones. Moreover, this device has a lanyard hole so you can attach a lanyard on it so you can hang it around your neck. It is easy to use with a simple on and off switch. This Fetal Doppler has a low power consumption so you don’t have to change batteries that often. You can adjust the volume using the volume modulator located on the upper right corner of the device. To use, lie flat with and use a pillow as a cushion. Use your hands to feel the location of your baby. Lay the probe on your abdomen and listen to your baby.


  • SAFE FOR YOU & YOUR BABY: The portable Fetal Doppler supports 2.5MHz high sensitivity probe. It ensures zero electromagnetic radiation and low ultrasound power, safer for the fetus and you. The automatic power-off option will shut off after 1 minute of inactivity.

  • RELIABLE FHR DETECTION: Fetal Doppler has reliable FHR detection. It monitors the fetal heartbeat signals from the fetal heart rate with an LCD screen.

  • LISTEN TO YOUR BABY’S HEARTBEAT: This Fetal Doppler has a built-in speaker and audio output, crystal clear sound. You can share your joy with your family and friends.

  • EASY OPERATION: Applicable to the hospital, clinic, and self-check by pregnant women. It’s suitable for hospital, clinical and home care use.

  • CONVENIENT: The Fetal Doppler is made of high-quality ABS material, safe to use. Lightweight, portable and easy to use.

How to use it?

  • Before using it for the first time, make sure 2 batteries are in
  • Press the power button to power on, then adjust the volume
  • Lie flat with a cushion pillow, keep legs straight and relax
  • Attach the fetal probe to the abdomen to locate the position of the fetus and find out the best direction to the fetal heart
  • After hearing regular fetal heart sound, the FHR value will display on the screen in real-time

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start using the baby Doppler?

As a general rule, from week 12 of the pregnancy on. Some can detect as early as 10 weeks. An important note is to remember that everyone is different, so not finding your baby's heartbeat early isn't a reason for concern. On average, most women are able to hear the fetal heartbeat from the 14th week on.

My Fetal Doppler turned off, why?

The fetal Doppler will turn off automatically after 1 minute if not used in order to save the battery. The unit will not turn back on, please check the probe connection and make sure the battery is fully charged.

What is the average Fetal heartbeat?

A fetal heart rate is usually between 120 and 160 beats per minute, which is much faster than an adult’s. The baby's normal fetal heart rate will also vary normally, just as your heart rate does. Movement, sleeping and other activities can cause a normal variation also outside of the typical range momentarily. In addition, extra noises, such as the mother's heartbeat or stomach rumbling or static caused by the Doppler probe movement, can mask the signals causing unreliable Doppler measurement.

Can certain conditions affect the Fetal Doppler measurement?

Absolutely, these are a few conditions that can affect the reliability of the fetal Doppler

  • Smoking tobacco products
  • Drinking or eating large amounts of caffeine can falsely raise the baby's heart rate.
  • Extra noises, such as the mother's heartbeat or stomach rumbling, can mask the signals.
  • The baby is sleeping.
  • Problems associated with the placement of the Doppler probe.
  • The baby is moving a lot during the measurement.
  • Pregnant with more than one baby, such as twins or triplets.

What are the benefits of using the Fetal heart rate monitor?

Fetal Dopplers can help reduce anxiety during pregnancy and offer reassurance, especially during the early stages before it is even possible to feel the baby moving. Listening to the fetal heartbeat is also a great way for a parent-to-be to bond with their unborn baby.


  • 1 x Fetal Doppler
  • 1 x Users’ manual

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